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Kunstwerk van wijnkurken portret Al Pacino

Cork Portrait

Creativity from the bottle

Art expresses itself in many shapes and forms. From paintings to marble statues, art can inspire and affect everybody in its own way. At KURK-DESIGN our main interest lies in sustainable ways of creating and we are always on the lookout for expressions of art.

Lukas Sebastiaan (27) fits seamlessly into KURK-DESIGN with his unique style, his way of work and philosophy. This Amsterdam-based artist takes inspiration from the most beautiful recyclable material: cork (‘kurk’ in Dutch). Over the past year, Sebastiaan collected a stunning 10.000 (!) unique wine corks from restaurants, hotels and cafeterias in and around Amsterdam.

Kunstwerk van wijnkurken portret Al Pacino

Every cork is unique. The character of each cork is defined by its smell, colour, taste and shape. Which wine did it serve? and for how long? Perhaps a deep romance blossomed while uncorking the bottle. The history told by each individual cork in this portrait is priceless.

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This devotion eventually led to a unique portrait assembled out of 2688 wine corks and more than 6000 nails. With the famous Al Pacino as inspiration, each cork has its own vital role.
Lukas Sebastiaan wants to prove that by carefully selecting corks based on shape, size and colour that: “Even from waste, in this case used corks, it is possible to create the most amazing things.”

For more information about the pricing and personal portrait submissions contact Lukas: lukas@kurk-design.nl

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